July 18, 2010

No way to get a end in a loop

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Have you ever kept a craze on something new ALL THE TIME????? Impossible. The mind keeps on searching for a new thing if it has got one new. May it be a food,phone even love. Yesterday when i was returning from a film,I started thinking of bizarre things.


ANSWER IS NO ANSWER.Whatever may be its psychological reason,you can explain it as simple as that: BOREDOM.When you get new things you experience it to the most at the first extent itself.For example, I got my phone font changed after searching in the internet for a long time. I kept the font for few days. Some day later,it started boring me.When i changed the font to another type,I am not getting satisfied how attractive the font may be.SIMPLE!!I am getting bored of the Concept of changing fonts.Can anyone tell me the way to enjoy with what we have? Try a google search.Stupid ads will arise.If u stay at a place ,how beautiful it may be,your lovable activities (which you may be thinking of doing all the time) comes to an end within a period and your regular activities overrule it.Why is that? Why wont the quotes displayed in films “They lived happily FOREVER” doesn’t fit in these stages?

Now this is an interesting one. You involved in a fight with your loved one. Here’s where we see “THE BLOODY SKIN EFFECT”.When we quarrel with our loved one,the fight extends ,extends, extends… Now we leave the reason what we are fighting for (i.e the core) and involve in fight for useless things that he/she had done before(for which you had already forgiven her)..(i.e coming to the SURFACE).If we consider taking a break b/w the fight and just analyze the reason for the fight(core) then the one who opts for this will be the first one to ask sorry.ANALYZE.This is where everyone fails.Try using this on EGO.

There are many things for which we cant get an answer.. Its better to sleep than solving puzzles.


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